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American Flyers Movie Review. As of july 2019, american flyers had a 65% rating on rotten tomatoes based on 20 reviews, with an average score of 5.62/10. Earn qua for free by contributing to moviequa!

American Flyers Movie Review Review
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Title: american flyers movie review
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Tell the world what you think about american flyers. The movie was filmed on location in st louis & grand junction, in late summer of 1984, just a few weeks after the coors classic race which the movie is largely based on.

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Steve tesich director of photography: That is apparently too much for the movie to deal with, and so we get a bike race surrounded by giant unanswered questions.

American Flyers Movie Review Review

Evans hill climb, a race held for over 45 years was named the bob cook memorial hill climb in his. Now you can get the race leader jersey. Cook's vo2 max test results (using a test similar to the one depicted in the movie) were the highest ever recorded for a cyclist at the time.

Marcus doesn't tell david that he has a brain aneurysm which could render him paralyzed or dead at any given moment. Read full review see all 9 reviews It attempts to be both a drama and one of those inspirational sports movies that have been done to death.