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Primal Rage Movie Review. With no better idea of how to proceed at this point, i suppose we just roll through routine, which happens to be “primal rage’s. Big foot, yowies and bunyips are the folklore of many countries around the world.

Primal Rage Movie Review Guide
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Title: primal rage movie review
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This big foot is not an ordinary big foot. Action, creature features & animal horror, horror slasher, low budget films, reviews;


But to my surprise, i […] “primal rage” gets an extra point for that.

Primal Rage Movie Review Guide

Bigfoot reborn must begin with a content warning: It starts strong, but eventually succumbs to silliness with too many unnecessary. They soon find themselves in a fierce fight for survival against a terrifying beast.

Quick review a brutal and gory but lacklustre bigfoot feature, primal rage has its perceptive sight on bloody violence and quite striking depiction of the jungle warrior, minus everything else. Overall, primal rage delivers a satisfying body count and creative kills in ways that you’d never expect from a bigfoot movie. The kills here are on par with those in abominable, one of a few things the films share.