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Primal Rage Movie Review. It starts strong, but eventually succumbs to silliness with too many unnecessary. They soon find themselves in a fierce fight for survival against a terrifying beast.

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Title: primal rage movie review
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The review (spoiler free) simple put, primal rage is about big foot. Quick review a brutal and gory but lacklustre bigfoot feature, primal rage has its perceptive sight on bloody violence and quite striking depiction of the jungle warrior, minus everything else.

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Overall, primal rage delivers a satisfying body count and creative kills in ways that you’d never expect from a bigfoot movie. The kills here are on par with those in abominable, one of a few things the films share.

Primal Rage Movie Review Guide

Patrick magee’s stunning film, primal rage: Deep in the pacific northwest, ashley and max carr become lost in a forest where a mysterious creature dwells. There are quite a bit of big foot horror films already out there, but this one is bit different.

For such an underused subgenre with only a few films under its belt, it's not a stretch to say primal rage is among those better films, if only the line. The film stars casey gagliardi, andrew joseph montgomery, and eloy casados. The movie starts out well.