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The Ruins Movie Sequel. Dreamworks has released a movie trailer for the upcoming big screen adaptation of scott smith ‘s bestselling novel the ruins. But can a bad sequel ruin how a movie is perceived.

The Ruins Movie Sequel News
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The sequel features many of the characters from the first movie. Adetiba’s king of boys being one of the many to be added to this list.

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Don't forget that they killed that one kid for only being. Deadline reports that ben wheatley's sequel to the rebooted franchise has been postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus restrictions.

The Ruins Movie Sequel News

A quality sequel improves the original. Ralphie is searching for the perfect top to use to beat the school bully, the old man is in battle with their hillbilly neighbors (the bumpuses) while eagerly awaiting the discovery of the. A leisurely mexican holiday takes a turn for the worse when a group of friends and a fellow tourist embark on a remote archaeological dig in the jungle, where something evil lives among the ruins.

The ending, however, wasn't believable but did, in fact, leave open the opportunity for a sequel, ruins 2. I liked this movie alot, just finished watching it on dvd. This version is in fact the default ending on several.